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Hello! My name is Michelle Therrien, and I am the artist behind Michelle  T Illustration & Design.  My work usually involves fun bright colors, hand-drawn elements and creative lettering.

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Sea gull b and b illustration whimsical
Queen of quirky houses whimsical illustration
the dog house whimsical illustration
Rusty heart Inn whimsical house illustration

Artist Statement

Michelle is a creative entrepreneur and artist that is passionate about art.

She illustrates food, houses, recipes, maps, and travel and works to incorporates creative lettering into each piece.

A combination hand-drawn elements mixed with vibrant colors craft a bold rich style with lots of character.

Imaginative whimsical houses crafted with humor and bold color make you want to live there.

Her maps incorporate local history, places to see, local slang and more. Capturing the heart of each place with fun illustrations.

Illustrated Recipes are a fun way to show our love of the foods we eat. They also make a great gift as a print or maybe a tea towel. 

Her work connects people with the simple things in life that create memories.