Have you ever wanted to explore a certain style in your art that is different that the one you currently create? Is there an artist whose style you admire and would love to be able to think in that way?

I have always admired a looser style of art no matter what medium the artist is working in. The kind of art where you can feel the movement and energy. Creating a piece where you are not putting in every detail but working to bring out just enough to tell your story and leaving the rest up to the viewer. That has been a desire of mine for a very long time.

What my brain wants to create

When I work I tend to like to fiddle with the details. I get carried away bringing forth lots of detail. Now there is nothing wrong with detail. I am not complaining, merely saying that give me detail and I can sit here for hours and hours fiddling with things. I just get into the zone and love disappearing into my art.

That being said I am now in a place in my life where I am also ready to explore and grow as an artist an want to put time into exploring a whole different style. I have attempted a loose style before and failed. I have tried my hand at this a few times over the years and not accomplished what I wanted to do.

So you may ask why am I trying this again? That’s a good and fair question!

I am now at a place in my life where I have peace and can focus in a much different way than before. My life before was very stressful and anything but a place to find oneself. I truly believe now looking back that when we are in these difficult places in life where stress is the high ruler that it can be hard to connect with the inner artist on the level it takes to explore something so deep and meaningful and challenging! At least that is what I believe the case to be for me.

I do not create well from a place of unrest. For some artist that is where they do their best work. We are all energized by different things and different energies in life.

The photos in this post are by Artist Dawn Emerson and I just love her work. I have watched several of her tutorials which are available on Artists Network tv. For $20 a month you can subscribe and watch as many tutorials from artists as you like.

Dawn is an artist who is fully engaged and alive in her process. She dances with her easel as she brings her art to life. Her process is one of discovery and playfulness. In her book, she said  something to the effect of “if you go into your studio to do what you have always done, then you will do what you have always done”

This is a simple but powerful statement. To me, that can mean you as an artist are always playing it safe. You are good at this thing and you keep doing this thing. To expand you must try new things and constantly move forward in your exploration.

I need a plan

I feel another reason I failed at my previous attempts to explore this style in my art is because I didn’t have a plan of action. As a result, I floundered, wishing for something magical to happen and as we all know that isn’t how this art thing works.

My approach to this will involve roughing out a plan to start, following through on a consistent basis in practicing this plan and evaluating my progress and editing the plan accordingly. I obtained a lot of information from her book and her videos and feel like my mind and my heart are all in the right place this time to give this an honest and full attempt.

I will be noting my plans, goals, progress, and thoughts as I journey down this road of artistic exploration. I am not sure where it will take me and that is not the important part. I will fully embrace the process and the journey and certainly learn something about myself and my art. I will wind up where I am meant to be.

Stay tuned and watch for updates on how this artistic endeavor is progressing.

And if any of this interests you I suggest you check out her videos and her book. Both have lots of valuable information and inspiration.