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Get to know me

Welcome to my little home on the web. My name is Michelle.

I have loved art and being creative for as long as I can remember. I also love learning.

Then there is “All of the things” and yes I love all of the things! There I said it!

There are so many wonderful fun creative things when it comes to being artistic that its hard to choose just one or even a couple. I know because I have learned and explored many creative things in my journey as an artist and a maker.

Some people like to stick with a particular medium and others like to be the kind of souls that thrive on variety and bringing new things to our creative table. I am definitely the creative variety kind of person.

Exploring “all of the things” has brought so much to my creative process over the years. I wouln’t be the artist I am today without all that influence.

What if?

These simple words “what if” are part of what drives me in my art.

I find myself wondering, germinating on ideas to see where I can take a piece. Time spent exploring new options and ideas is part of the thrill of the art for me.

Color is one of the aspects I love to explore in art. Bringing bold vibrant color to piece just pulls me right in and I want to play with that process and see where it takes me.

I always on the lookout to bring things together in a different way. It’s how I put me into my process and my art.

You will find

On my site you will find a gallery of my art showing some of the many interests I have had along the way. This is just a small glimpse into my creative journey.

I love to learn but I also love to share and to teach. Keep watch as there will be new classes coming soon. Tips and inspiration and lots of creative stuff.

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A few fun things about me

  • I am a coffee snob
  • a trucker’s wife
  • I love birds
  • reading, cooking, learning
  • knitting socks
  • There is nothing like real butter on a fresh-baked piece of bread
  • long drives in the country refresh me
  • eating in new places is my food adventure
  • I love learning new things