Going from a detailed realistic style to a loose style.

Often times we admire an artistic style that we ourselves can’t seem to accomplish. I know that has been an issue of mine for quite some time.

I love the loose style of many artists no matter the medium they use to accomplish that. My brain loves to tinker with the details and over the years I have attempted to try my hand at loose art and haven’t been able to nail that skill. As a matter of fact I failed at it over and over.

I am about to try this again. Why you might ask? Why would I tackle this after so many failed tries?

That’s a valid question and I have some thoughts on that.

I believe that our lives and the stress and chaos we have in our every day can contribute to our struggles with our art.

It was only when my life took a more peaceful less stressful course that I had space inside me to discover my inner artist in a bigger way and that is when my art arrived in the most amazing way. It may have been more detail-oriented, but it still showed up in a way it never had before.

So if life stress is a contributing factor to connecting with our inner artist at any point in life, then it is also possible that because of that stress I did not have the ability to have that conversation with myself about working my way to a looser style.

There was no plan of action, there was no quiet space to explore that, there was only desire and disappointment that quickly followed.

I am a different me now and that makes a difference

My life is different now years later and I have found how to listen to the artist within. The process is the journey and I can now appreciate every moment of that in a way I never have before.

Working the process is a much different approach to my love of art than it was in my younger years. There is a comfort in this process that I am now in tune with and that makes such a difference.

I also have a plan and a commitment to working the process of this change. That was something I could not do before, I wanted the result without the hard work. I think that’s something we can all relate to.

In the stress of my life I was not able to see those things.

Does the medium you pick to do this make a difference?

For me, I am going to say yes, yes it does! Right now I use colored pencils mostly for my art medium. Pencils work well with details and give me an opportunity every step of the way to fiddle with all those details.

And for that detailed part of my brain that works great. We make great art together. But I want to feed a looser more abstract style of information into my brain.

That’s where pastels come in. Pastels are my new chosen medium to explore looseness in my art.

Pastel sticks, for me, are not the same in my hands as pencils. Pencils let me fiddle, pastels make that harder.

My plan is to pick things to paint that promote mark making, color, emotion, energy and texture and not detail.

I admire the art of Debora L Stewart. This is one of her abstract art pieces.

debora l stewart abstract art

You can find her website here.

Also check out her youtube channel

She was very realistic in her art in the beginning and loved the more abstract looser approach. She set out to make that loose style her style.

Apparently, she succeeded in achieving that. If she can get from detailed and realistic to here, then so can I!

I also watched a few of her real-time tutorials on artists network tv. For a 20 dollar a month subscription I watched her and several others. I will only subscribe for a month or two, but the cost of an in-person class would cost me way more. So it was a worthwhile twenty dollars invested.

I am going to write about this journey here on my blog

When we start a journey we have lots of questions, we wonder about many more things than we do as we get further down the road in that process.

The questions and thoughts we have at the beginning and through the journey change and fade as we grow into that artist.

It is possible that many others want to build a different style other than the one they do best at the moment.

Maybe this journey and my thoughts as I work through it will help me clarify how to accomplish my goals and also help others see into the process as it happens.

I will share my struggles, my failures as they are also a part of my future success.

It is only from failure that we figure out what does and does not work.