Get these flourishes for free.

Flourishes are delicate beautiful things that work well for all kinds of designs and lettering art pieces.

I made up a set of 13 flourishes that are hand-drawn in procreate and made them both png files and procreate brush set.

Why hand-drawn instead of vector.

I chose to hand draw them in procreate because I wanted them to have the imperfections of things that are hand-made. There is something beautiful in things that are less than perfect.

My new background class that I am working on incorporates flourishes into the layering process.


I started out making up some pretty flourishes in black as you would do to make a brush set.

But, I also love to fiddle with things and color so I put some color to each of these flourishes just because they look pretty that way.

What you will get

You will get 13 of the black flourishes as png files. You can use them in your art.

You will also get 13 colored flourish png files. You can choose to use them in color, you can even edit the color and use them in your art.

The Procreate Flourish Brush set will also be included in this freebie.

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