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New Resources Page

by Michelle Therrien

I like anyone else love a good list of resources to help me sort through to the things I am interested in. So I have put up a resources page where I will continue to add pages of valuable information for you to use in your artistic journey. Be sure to check back often or you can join the mail list and be notified when new information is added to this page. Join in the sidebar.

Photo reference is great to have and many times you will be told to take your own photos. And while that is good information, it is not always possible to take photos of all the things and or places you would love to paint. There are many sites and groups online that offer free photo reference for your painting pleasure. I have made a long list on the resources page that you can access. Or you can sign up for my mail list at the top of the page and download a pdf of that information.

Artist tutorials are so available to us these day thanks to the internet. You can learn things from people around the world. Sometimes that can be difficult to sort through with the amount of information out there. I have compiled a list of the artists I have enjoyed learning from in colored pencil, pastels, and childrens book illustration. I will be adding to this list ongoing so be sure to check back often to get updated information.

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