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Genie Lamp- Procreate-One wish -make it count

by Michelle Therrien

Who doesn’t want a genie lamp? Wouldn’t we all just want one wish!

Today’s art exploration was in creating a magical genie lamp in procreate. I think bottles are an interesting theme to tackle artwise. Each one comes to life in their own way. Trying out textures and color and seeing where it takes you.

I began with different colors in the early stages of this lamp. It wasn’t until I went to paint the silver metal parts of the lamp that I decided to change the main color to blues. It complimented the metalwork so nicely.

I struggled with this one a bit. All the fancy scrollwork was done in parts at different times throughout the art piece. Sometimes I get so busy painting and moving around the piece to bring it together that I don’t realize I should have done all the scrollwork at the same time to guarantee I get the same effect. Lessons learned the hard way. LOL

By the time I got to the end, I was ready to be done. The perspective of the base is a bit off, and that’s ok. I am not bothered by that but I did learn a few lessons about the order that I hope I will remember next time. It can be hard when you fall into the zone and just keep plugging along having fun until…

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