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Happy customer reviews

I work closely with my customers to provide a beautiful piece they will love. I have attention to detail, I love to bring depth and soul to each piece. Whether you want something touching that can be done in black and white or you want to be bold and colorful, I can work with you.

Michelle does stunning work. I’ve had her do things for me that came out totally amazing. I highly recommend her if you’re looking to have something original done.
She works with you to get you just what you are looking for. If you’re not sure just give her a try. I will be coming back to her time and time again because I think her work is outstanding. Trust me you will not be disappointed


I’m very satisfied with the portrait that Michele made for me . It is beautiful and everyone that sees it loves it. I’m having Michelle make me another one. It is well worth the money.


You truly are so very talented
Husband teared up
He loved what you did.

People getting any art work done by my amazing friend is a once in a lifetime gift. Spread the word peeps!


Oh Michelle….everyone of your masterpieces have soulful, meaningful, and inspirational love.
Its not just artwork.


I love all your work. Every last one, thought this one was awesome! Love the black/white vs color! Great great job!


It’s fantastic and really tells a story 💜 what a fab job you have done


It has a real strength of emotion. But this is very powerful. He has a real sense of grief/sadness about him and he is being comforted by light and hope.


That eye is amazing! I feel as if it can see us.

Amazing colors with fun expression!